under the skin

15 Feb 2010


Hey all! How’s the Chinese new year coming up for you? My stops have been kind of limited.. Because i think lesser relatives to visit?

Anyways, later i’m going to visit my grandma at Mandai! Hopefully this time, i wont tear and cry that badly. Just that it doesnt seem to listen to me when we get there, it will just rush straight out, though this is already the third year, but truthfully, until the very day of today, i still cant sing the song “Amazing Grace” without bursting and breaking down in tears.

That explains why though i love that song alot, i cant really sing that in cellgroup.

Also, when i look through my younger times photo album, i also remember how my grandma really dote and protected us! Was talking to my friend about her, wanted to tear already, just held it back and rub my eyes.

Popo, just wanting to let you know how much i miss you! Your face always keeps me encourage when i feel that things are down, you are the reason why i will cry sometimes, because of missing you and whenever God tells me you will be proud of me. When no one else are willing to believe in me, you did. You are the reason why i can tell people how to handle problems with a smile!

Love you as always!


Jasmine, your Beloved!